Katharine Emma Maltwood (1878 - 1961) was a well known British artist, author, and visionary mystic.

She had her own studio, Castlewood Studio, in Kensington, London, during the 1920s and 1930s.  She exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and other leading venues.

In 1917 she moved to Somerset and joined the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Her own pursuit into the romance and intrigues of Arthurian mythology led to her, now very famous, discovery of what she called, 'The Temple of the Stars' - better known as 'The Glastonbury Zodiac'.  She wrote many books on the topic and became (as one authority has called her) 'a pioneer in astro-archaeology', that is, understanding the relationship between the stories of many of the world's mythologies and the constellations of the night sky.

The Katharine Maltwood Society was formed in 2015 by core members of the Maltwood Moot - a group of individuals who have gathered many times since 2010 to share their research and interest in Katharine Maltwood and her 'Glastonbury Zodiac'.

In 2013 the Maltwood Moot published 'Signs & Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac'; the first ever anthology of essays about Katharine Maltwood and her research.

Katharine Maltwood was a woman of many interests. She was an occultist and a psychic, and she was a keen student of esoteric topics which included Buddhism, Christianity, Druidism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, the Knights Templars and Arthurian mystery - in fact all Mystery Traditions and their relationship with the stars fascinated Katharine Maltwood.

The aim of The Katharine Maltwood Society is to promote and celebrate Katharine in the way that she deserves. To show her sculptures, explain their esoteric significance, and to further investigate her and her fields of research. To do this we publish The Maltwood Journal - see the menu bar at the top of this page.